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Free ICC Profile

In order to realise the full potential of our inkjet canvas & papers we recommend that you use our specially created ICC Colour Profiles. They are all FREE for you and easy to setup.

Why would you want a custom ICC profile?

Profiles tell your computer how to adjust an image to match the unique characteristics of your printer and media. Your printer is only as good as the profiles that you use. In order to realise the full potential of our canvas, paper & signage media we recommend that you use our remote custom created ICC Colour Profiles.

What's the procedure?

Our Free remote custom made profiling service (Mac / PC) is very simple - once you've downloaded the Colour Charts & Instructions just need to print out the patch Colour Charts on our canvas or paper that you require the profile for and post them back to us.

We shall then scan the colours with our highest quality spectrometer which creates a totally unique bespoke ICC profile tailored to your printing environment. We normally e-mail the ICC profile as attachment to you within 2-3 working days. in the unlikely event that you are having trouble using profiles then we have technical staff who are only a phone call away.

My inkjet printer uses a RIP, is this still OK to be profiled using this Free service?

No, the above procedure only suitable for when you print directly from software driver (EG. Photoshop) to your inkjet printer, by doing so the data goes from your computer to the printer in RGB format (even though your printer may use CMYK or CcMmYK inks or other combinations, it is an RGB printer in terms of the data it receives), however, if you have a RIP, the data from your computer to the RIP is CMYK which requires a different profiling procedure.