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TwinTac™ Mounting Film

TwinTac™ Mounting Film

Product code: TWMFXXXX

TwinTac™ consists of a smooth coating of Drytac’s aqueous acrylic adhesive on both sides of a 2.0 mil clear PVC (vinyl) film. Two moisture stable release liners protect the adhesive, one on either side of the film.

SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS: Suitable for all mounting applications. The double release papers protect the adhesive layer before use, thus preventing any contamination during handling. Because TwinTac has two release liners, it's great for cut sheet applications. Also ideal for production of pre-coated boards. The release liners’ single coating ensures finished boards stack safely without slippage.

Product Name Price/Single Quantity Add to Basket
TwinTac™ Mounting Film - 650mm X 25M £128.99/Single
TwinTac™ Mounting Film - 650mm X 100M £0.00/Single
TwinTac™ Mounting Film - 1040mm X 100M £0.00/Single

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