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AcryliMount™ Double Adhesive Film AcryliMount™ Double Adhesive Film

AcryliMount™ Double Adhesive Film

Product code: ACRILMXXX

Our AcryliMount™ film is a super optically clear pressure-sensitive mounting adhesive protected on each side by a clear polyester release liner. It is available with permanent adhesive on both sides engineered for the face mounting of virtually any image to clear substrates like acrylic sheets/Perspex® to create visually stunning acrylic prints.

Apart from buying extremely expensive large format flat bed printer with white ink capacity, there are two options/methods to make equally eye catching acrylic prints. You can either sandwich your prints in between two pieces of acrylic sheets/Perplex™ or face mount your prints directly on the back of the acrylic sheet to be viewed from front and side. Either way you need to apply our super transparent adhesive film to face glue your prints in place. This film is so thin and transparent that once applied you don't even notice they are there gluing in between the prints and acrylic sheet! That is the "magic power" of super transparent AcryliMount™ film.

Product Name Price/Single Quantity Add to Basket
AcryliMount™ Double Adhesive Film - 1070mm X 25M £105.80/Single
AcryliMount™ Double Adhesive Film - 635mm X 25M £75.60/Single

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