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PhotoBloks™ - Pre-glued Mounting Blocks (18mm) - Oak PhotoBloks™ - Pre-glued Mounting Blocks (18mm) - Oak

PhotoBloks™ - Pre-glued Mounting Blocks (18mm) - Oak

Product code: PBKS-OXX

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PhotoBloks™ is our newly introduced pre-glued mounting blocks. They offer ease of use and a range of finishes at a very reasonable price. PhotoBloks™ is a stylish new way to professionally present contemporaryimages for the home or office.This modern and minimalist look is easy to create in seconds, either by hand or with a Jetmounter Laminator.

Available in Black, White, Oak & Silver finishes.Try something new this year with PhotoBloks™. Smaller sizes (upto 7x5 inches) are free-standing and have a black lightly textured backing. Other sizes have wall fixing attachments.To use, just peel away the covering, smooth on your print, by hand or JetMounter, and trim flush. All done!

* Please note that this product can take up to 2-3 working days for manufacture.

Product Name Price/Single Quantity Add to Basket
PhotoBloks™ (18mm) 6 X 4inch - Oak £2.95/Single
PhotoBloks™ (18mm) 6 X 6inch - Oak £4.00/Single
PhotoBloks™ (18mm) 7 X 5inch - Oak £4.00/Single
PhotoBloks™ (18mm) 8 X 6inch - Oak £4.50/Single
PhotoBloks™ (18mm) 10 X 8inch - Oak £6.50/Single
PhotoBloks™ (18mm) 10 X 10inch - Oak £8.00/Single
PhotoBloks™ (18mm) A4 - Oak £7.50/Single
PhotoBloks™ (18mm) 12 X 10inch - Oak £8.95/Single
PhotoBloks™ (18mm) 12 X 12inch - Oak £9.50/Single
PhotoBloks™ (18mm) 16 X 12inch - Oak £13.50/Single
PhotoBloks™ (18mm) 16 X 16inch - Oak £19.00/Single
PhotoBloks™ (18mm) A3 - Oak £15.25/Single
PhotoBloks™ (18mm) A3+ - Oak £20.50/Single
PhotoBloks™ (18mm) 20 X 16inch - Oak £24.50/Single
PhotoBloks™ (18mm) 20 X 20inch - Oak £31.50/Single

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