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Canvas Liquid Varnish & Kit Canvas Liquid Varnish & Kit Canvas Liquid Varnish & Kit

Canvas Liquid Varnish & Kit

Product code: VAR2.5X

Giclée Liquid Varnish
Our giclee varnish (Matte, Satin & Glossy) has been specifically created to protect, preserve and enhance inkjet fine art prints. Our new water based canvas varnish is a perfect coating for inkjet prints. It will enhance the colour of pigmented and ultra chrome inks on matte media and increase resistance to ink fading. It will give your images extra protection against moisture and abrasion over time. Sold in 2.5 litres and 1 litre containers and requires dilution with 10% water. Applied using a soft brush or roller laying-off in one direction, left to dry for at least 2 hours before applying a second coat if required. - Water based & Odorless - Non Yellowing - 100% clarity & UV approved

Giclée Varnish Foam Roller Kit
Our giclee varnish foam roller kit comes complete with roller frame plus 2 spare Superfine foam roller refills(4 inch wide). Ideal for for applying our water based liquid lamination. Exceptional foam quality for achieving a smooth bubble-free finish. Superfine foam roller sleeves are rounded on the frame side to minimize marks. Extra roller refill oam can be purchased individually.

Giclée Spray System W550
This Giclee Spray System W550 is a powerful portable fine spray system specially developed for projects such as spraying giclee prints, canvas and arts and crafts.The unit is fitted with a 280W high efficiency taper fan motor supplying the spray gun with a constant air flow. This technique allows the sprayed liquid varnish to be distributed evenly despite varying viscosities, giving a fast professional finish with no brush marks. The nozzle can be adjusted to three patterns: round, horizontal fan & vertical fan. With this fine spray system the paint carrying parts can be separated from the turbine allowing fast colour changes and simple troublefree cleaning.Replacement pot for giclee spray system W550 can be purchased individually for fast changes between finishes - store Matte, Satin & Gloss in separate containers for quick change.

Product Name Price/Single Quantity Add to Basket
Satin - Liquid Varnish (1ltr) £17.00/Single
Satin- Liquid Varnish (2.5LT) - On Sale ! £35.10/Single
Matte - Liquid Varnish (2.5LT) - On Sale ! £35.10/Single
Glossy - Liquid Varnish (2.5LT) - On Sale ! £35.10/Single
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- £0.00/Single
Canvas Varnish Foam Roller Kit £5.00/Single
Roller Refill Foam(4 Inch) £1.00/Single
Portable Canvas Spray System W550 (Automatic) £65.50/Single

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